Window Restoration Workshops

Window Restoration Workshops

Maintaining and Preserving Historic Windows

The task of maintaining and preserving historic windows is often one of the biggest challenges preservation officers and landmark commissions face. And homeowners can feel overwhelmed with how to actually maintain or repair their windows. This can lead to ill-informed decisions about replacing historic windows with new.

Hull Millwork’s window restoration workshops cover:

  • Why historic windows will last longer
  • How to make your home or building energy efficient
  • Where to actually spend your money
  • How homeowners can repair their windows themselves
  • What questions you should ask if talking with someone about repairing their windows

These workshops have led to some exciting conversations that we believe will lead to better preservation decisions. Hull Millwork is willing to host workshops for your city or historic group. We are passionate about education and believe this workshop is a valuable resource. Help your residents and business owners make better, informed decisions about historic homes and buildings and their maintenance.

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Window Restoration Workshops with Brent Hull


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