How to Use Ornamentation in Traditional Design

We believe that each one of us should pursue beauty and great design in our homes. One of the more fun ways to express beauty is through ornamentation. In the video, we will cover 3 things you need to remember when using ornamentation in traditional design.

1. Ornamentation is a Language

Each architectural style has its own language of ornamentation; from the carvings, moldings, and type of wood used. Be sure the ornamentation you are using is expressive of the style of your home. You wouldn’t want to use Colonial stair brackets in an English style home, as that would muddle the architectural integrity of the space.

2. Ornamentation is Used to Express Hierarchy

Save the heavier ornament for the most important rooms, and keep it simple for less important spaces. You can also use heavier ornamentation to establish a focal point, such as the mantel in a living room.

3. Team Up with an Expert

If you’re looking for high-quality ornamentation, it can be difficult to find off the shelf. Make sure you seek the advice of an expert who knows how to identify and use proper ornamentation for your home or project. Searching the ICAA Directory to find an expert in your area is a great place to start.