A Passion for Architectural Millwork

We specialize in high-end architectural millwork, restoration & renovation, new construction and design & consultation.
Restoration and Renovation of Period Homes
Restoration & Renovation

From historic courthouses and schools, to period homes and ranches

Architectural Millwork for a Greek Revival Residence.
Architectural Millwork

Doors, windows, moldings, paneling, and cabinetry

New Construction

Traditionally inspired new old homes and respectful remodels

Design and Consultation
Design & Consultation

Historically based design and consultation for homes and interiors

Who We Are

Our Story

Brent Hull is owner and founder of Hull Millwork. Passionate about beautiful architecture and the art of timeless building, Brent enjoys working with his hands and building.

In 1991, he moved to Boston to begin a two-year study of historic preservation at the North Bennet Street School. NBSS is one of the oldest trade schools in the United States, and it was here that Brent learned the art of traditional building. Returning to Texas with his wife, they settled in Fort Worth, where he opened his business in his brother’s garage, a 1911 bungalow.

Over the next 23 years, Brent combined his passion for restoring buildings along with his love of craftsmanship to build a business focused on preservation and historically inspired houses and millwork.

Brent enjoys life in Texas and spending time reading anything he can get his hands on. He loves drawing and sketching for clients, but spending time with his beautiful wife and three kids dominates all other favorites.


  • Hull Millwork sets the platinum standard for award-winning design, superior craftsmanship and exceptional details in historically accurate and architecturally correct millwork. The company’s owner, Brent Hull, is a master craftsman whose lifelong passion is classical architecture. His mission is simple: to create the most beautiful homes, and educate and inform designers, architects and home builders on the importance of getting it right.

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Hull Millwork specializes in architectural millwork, restoration & renovation, new construction and design & consultation.


Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we see it. We encourage you to browse the photographs of our work to discover what inspires you.


Start your research in the Hull Millwork library where you’ll find books, videos, case studies and periodicals.

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